Sollan, the ECM expert

Established in 2001, Sollan has become a major player in ECM (Enterprise Content Management) specializing in consulting services and the integration of specific solutions. Sollan is also a software publisher. Our flagship product Trimly helps business lines simplify and centralize the management of their multimedia content.
"Our company has a strong aptitude for adapting and the ability to deliver the most appropriate solution to our customers."  B. Barret, CEO

Sollan : functional and technical expertise

Our familiarity with this extensive range of proprietary or open-source tools ensures our objectivity when guiding you in your choice of solution. Our teams work on integrating the best software solutions available on the market every day. 

Structure the unstructured 

At Sollan, our job is to create value through content structuring. With over ten years of experience, we have become, today, experts in our market while remaining true to our motto, "Structure the unstructured". 
Today, Sollan is present in France, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Poland. We have over 100 European customer references from different sectors, - administration and public services, banks and insurance companies, industry, services and media.
"Our company has a strong aptitude for adapting and the ability to deliver the most appropriate solution to our customers."  B. Barret, CEO

Expertise, People and Teamwork : 3 values that shape Sollan and support you on a daily basis

Expertise : Sollan teams are made up of experts highly experienced in their field. Our in-depth functional and technical skills mean that we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of business lines and of the requirements of IT departments. This makes it easier for us to integrate solutions that are specifically customized and adapted to satisfy your needs.

 People : Sollan is shaped by the men and women who work here. We seek to recognize, consolidate and strengthen the human quality of our teams.


Teamwork : Teamwork is more than a value; it is a state of mind. Sollan encourages sharing, openness and simplicity in communication among employees.


Research & Development : a strategic asset

R&D plays a major role in Sollan's activities through the identification of emerging technologies, anticipation of new developments, selection and deployment of the best tools in pilot applications. We help customers improve their control and integration of document management systems and deploy innovative and customized ECM solutions thanks to constant research and development.
Our R&D experts are trained in applied research and have experience in knowledge and content engineering, instructional design and audiovisual engineering. They work together with different academic and industrial research units both in France and overseas to constantly ensure an operational and innovative vision of tomorrow's applications.  
In our role as a software publisher, our R&D enables us to propose solutions that fully satisfy our customers' needs.