Communicate and share using collaborative tools


Do you want to encourage shared work processes? Do you wish to strengthen corporate cohesion using effective collaborative tools?

Collaborative and community tools are playing an increasingly important role in organizations and in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategies.

  • They revolutionize the way companies work in that employees are now placed within the heart of a collaborative space.
  • They build team dynamics, encourage shared work processes and strengthen corporate cohesion.
  • This fosters the sharing of knowledge within companies. 



Sollan helps you choose, deploy and configure your collaborative solution


What our clients appreciate most :

  • Active listening and follow-up performed by Sollan teams.
  • Customization of the solutions proposed.
  • Business know-how of our teams.
  • Sollan's technical expertise.

We ensure that the integration of the selected solution is compatible with the existing tools used in your information system. This is based on corporate governance rules that our experts help identify, structure and set up.

Shared services in collaborative solutions include:
  • Communication (e.g. emails, chat, video conferencing, webinars)
  • Coordination of tasks (e.g. workflow, project management, agenda)
  • Knowledge transfer (e.g. sharing of information, research)


Sollan, the choice of the best solution dedicated to your corporate organization and culture.

This is why Sollan offers customized solutions in line with your requirements.We take into consideration the organization of work in your company, the practices of your employees and your corporate culture, all of which are crucial to ensure successful deployment and facilitate the adoption of new tools. 
We examine the positioning of collaborative tools, implement them and perform the configuration of the selected solutions to work seamlessly with the existing tools used in your organization.



We select the best solutions available on the market for you

Occasionally, when we believe that another technology corresponds best to your needs, our integrator partners are there to provide their assistance. Our primary objective is to offer you the best solutions available on the market.