Digitization of paper documents


Do you want to digitize your documents to enhance the value of your documentary assets? Do you wish to facilitate exchanges? Do you need to increase productivity and responsiveness?
Digitization is the natural way to acquire digital documents. We use solutions, technologies and automation platforms (workflows) to convert paper documents to digital documents. The manual processing of paper documents does not create any value added. It is tedious, time-consuming and the source of errors. Digitization is an effective method of automating the processing of information, facilitating exchanges, increasing productivity, cutting costs and enhancing the value of corporate documentary assets. 

Sollan assists you in the transition towards the digitization of all types of documents



What our clients appreciate most :

  • Active listening and follow-up performed by Sollan teams.
  • Customization of the solutions proposed.
  • Business know-how of our teams.
  • Sollan's technical expertise.

Our experts are there to guide you in your digitization project, from the definition of needs and the choice of a solution to its implementation and integration within your information system. A digitization solution must take into consideration the following :

  • Business, legal and organizational constraints
  • Optical document recognition and the extraction of important data (ADR, OMR)
  • Acquisition workflows and process configuration
  • Data processing and archiving infrastructures



We select the best solutions available on the market for you

  • Arcsys Software,
  • Docapost DPS,
  • Generix Group,
  • OpenText,
  • ReadSoft,
  • Spigraph.


Occasionally, when we believe that another technology corresponds best to your needs, our integrator partners are there to provide their assistance. Our primary objective is to offer you the best solutions available on the market.