DMS at the core of ECM projects


Do you want to manage your documents in a simple way ? Do you need unified access to your content ? Do you wish to ensure customized access rights in compliance with corporate governance rules ?

The Document Management System (DMS) is at the core of all Enterprise Content Management (ECM) projects.


DMS enables you to acquire and leverage documents. Its features include the indexing, classification, storage, access and diffusion of your documents. The DMS must satisfy the expectations of the different business lines within your company as well as the needs of its users. It provides a customized access to information that is in compliance with corporate governance rules.


"All operational divisions within a company or department need a DMS. Regardless of your business line, you are always required to manage documents." P. Terray, Consulting Manager


Sollan offers both functional and technical expertise to guide you in your choice of the best solution available on the market

THEY Have chosen: Air France, THALES, DGAC,...


What our customers appreciate most :

  • Active listening and follow-up performed by Sollan teams.
  • Customization of the solutions proposed.
  • Business know-how of our teams.
  • Sollan's technical expertise.
The experience and skills acquired by Sollan since its creation enable our teams of experts to help you set up or upgrade your DMS. Our dual expertise in functional and technical matters helps us understand your business needs and come up with a solution that fully meets your expectations. More than just a technological solution, the success of a DMS deployment lies in the business analysis performed and the integration of user requirements.
The experience we have accumulated over the past years allows us to assist and guide you on the choice of a DMS solution in an objective way, its deployment and integration within your information system, and its scalability based on upgrades and user needs. 
Our teams are there to help you structure your approach and support change management.



We select the best solutions available on the market for you


Occasionally, when we believe that another technology corresponds best to your needs, our integrator partners are there to provide their assistance. Our primary objective is to offer you the best solutions available on the market.