An enterprise search engine to retrieve the information you need


Do you need to retrieve information quickly? Is the volume of your documents constantly increasing? Do you waste precious time looking for the document you want?

The retrieval of relevant information has become a major issue for organizations today. 

Employees spend a significant amount of time every day trying to locate the documents they require. This phenomenon is intensified by the proliferation of ECM and EIM applications (DMS, CMS, Intranet, collaborative tools) and by the constant increase in the volume of data and digital documents that require the implementation of powerful indexers and search engines in order to facilitate daily tasks.
Enterprise search offers unified information access to multiple sources within the information system or beyond, such as the corporate ecosystem and the Internet. Users with the appropriate authorizations can query all enterprise content using a single portal.
Structured and unstructured information is consolidated and indexed to facilitate and speed up search queries. Search engines and queries can be configured to take into account the business context and user profile in order to perform an advanced search.


The integration of a specific search engine provides the following:

  • A single solution for all corporate data sources and easy access for users via a federated search portal
  • Advanced search features
  • Simplified identification of resources (e.g. highlighted text or image previews)
  • Effective collaboration (e.g. sharing of queries, annotation of results or addition of metadata)
Sollan selects and configures a search engine that satisfies your needs. 

For successful deployment, Sollan ensures the following :

THEY HAVE CHOSEN SOLLAN: Eurovia, Eutelsat, Brest Metropole,...


What our clients appreciate most :

  • Active listening and follow-up performed by Sollan teams.
  • Customization of the solutions proposed.
  • Business know-how of our teams.
  • Sollan's technical expertise.
  • Standardization of metadata and user access rights policies;
  • Selection of a solution that meets your needs, complies with your existing configuration and enables the scalability of your information system;
  • Estimation of benefits;
  • Preparation of a roadmap based on user requirements;
  • Configuration of portals and successful integration with different data sources.



We select the best solutions available on the market for you


Occasionally, when we believe that another technology corresponds best to your needs, our integrator partners are there to provide their assistance. Our primary objective is to offer you the best solutions available on the market.