ECM, « a source of productivity gains»

Our three core businesses – Sollan Consulting, Sollan Development and Sollan Software – provide assistance to customers for their ECM (Enterprise Content Management) projects and encompass the following areas of expertise :


CMS, Intranet

Decentralize the diffusion of your information on the Internet and in corporate applications and optimize your communication thanks to highly effective tools..



Collaborative tools

Build team dynamics, encourage shared work processes and strengthen corporate cohesion using effective collaborative tools..




Enhance and leverage your video, audio and image assets..




Digitize your documents to leverage your documentary assets, facilitate exchanges and increase productivity and responsiveness..




Produce, manage, store, collaborate and diffuse your documents easily..



Document production

Produce structured or semi-structured content in a standardized manner..


Enterprise search

Locate the content you want easily and increase productivity and effectiveness..



Enterprise social networks

Capitalize on social networks as an effective solution for sharing information, consolidating data and strengthening corporate cohesion and culture..



Workflow, BPM

Optimize your validation processes to generate productivity gains and increase responsiveness..