Sollan, Consulting services, audit, functional and technical expertise

Consulting services, audit, functional and technical expertise


Do you want to implement or upgrade an ECM solution? Do you wish to identify the sources of productivity related to content management? Do you want to solve technical problems associated with the integration of software solutions?

Sollan Consulting facilitates decision-making for all of your ECM projects 

Make Sollan, your choice
  • Tried and tested functional and
    technical expertise.
  • Ensured impartiality as regards existing ECM solutions for perfectly unbiased consulting services.
  • Experience in both small and large projects for SMEs, major corporations and the administration.
ECM (Enterprise Content Management) facilitates access to knowledge, a corporate asset. This approach optimizes corporate processes and contributes to the urbanization of information systems. 
Our Sollan Consulting teams can handle all of your ECM issues. Our familiarity with an extensive range of proprietary or open-source tools ensures our objectivity when guiding you in your choice of solution.
We assist customers in all project phases by performing needs analysis and identifying the sources of productivity in terms of content management. We guarantee the choice of the solution that is best adapted to your needs thanks to our functional and technical approach, our familiarity with market solutions and our knowledge of agile methodologies.
Our upstream consulting services and project owner assistance associated with document management projects are performed on a time or flat-rate basis.
"Sollan Consulting teams are experienced in all aspects of the document life cycle and can provide assistance on any ECM issue." Paul Terray, Consulting Manager

Sollan Consulting teams, a business approach

Our consulting services include :
  • Document master plansScoping missions
  • Definition of specifications
  • Choice of solutions, technologies and methodologies
  • Project owner assistance

This business approach enables our teams to address the issues you face regarding the different types of documents from different corporate departments (e.g. structured documentation, quality framework, legal documents, multimedia documents or sensitive data) and to create a customized solution that is fully adapted to your needs. At Sollan, our Consulting Services Division is made up of consultants and experts who intervene on scoping and audit missions as well as operational assignments. Our studies, analyses and recommendations are based on our experience from the production context. In addition to their functional and technical expertise, our consultants are also highly familiar with the organization and specific characteristics of several business lines such as sales and marketing, communication, logistics, norms and methods, finance, legal affairs, administration, IT, human resources, risk management and compliance, etc.


Our experience in ECM supports all your projects

Do you require document management training? Do you want customized training adapted to your context?


Sollan organizes training sessions on a regular basis (available on your premises or ours) in order to help you use ECM technologies within the context of your businesses. These training sessions are conducted by our experts. We leverage our experience in the production context to enrich the training provided.


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