Solution integration, specific developments


Do you have an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) project? Do you want to implement or upgrade a software solution? Do you require a solution that takes into account your specific functional and technical needs?

Sollan Development facilitates the implementation of your ECM projects

Sollan helps you implement and integrate your ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions. Our teams are there to assist you in all of the project phases, from definition to roll-out. We take into account the specific business and technical characteristics of your company. Regardless of whether the task involves the setting up of new solutions, the upgrading of existing operational solutions or the development of specific solutions, our certified and experienced teams are there to help.
To do this, our experts test new solutions available on the market and maintain their high level of skills in an extensive range of solutions. They participate actively in the deployment and integration of solutions within your existing information system. The monitoring of projects is performed on a flat-rate basis. 

We ensure     

  •   Business analysis and the integration of user needs
  •   Support in all deployment phases
  •   Intervention within your project teams (time basis)
  •   Configuration and customization of solutions
  •   Implementation of workflows 
  •   Troubleshooting of technical problems related to integration 
  •   Customized training 
  •   Third Party Application Maintenance (TPAM)

"We bring the concept of project ownership closer to project management, and we strengthen the link between IT departments and functional requirements." T. Dechilly, CTO



Sollan Development, carefully selected teams to meet your project requirements 

  • Tried and tested functional and technical expertise
  • Our specifically designed methodology ensures that ECM projects are comprehensively managed fron definition to roll-out
  • The best solution available ont the market guaranteed throught the integration or propietary or open-source applications

Sollan Development teams work in development workshops that are specially optimized for each technology and adapted to the specific constraints of ECM projects. Our experts are thoroughly familiar with the entire document life cycle. Our ability to combine document production solutions with other ECM components such as digitization, DMS, CMS or search engines enables us to pool corporate resources.

Our development teams possess dual expertise in functional and technical areas. They are also highly familiar with the organization and specific characteristics of several business lines such as sales and marketing, communication, logistics, norms and methods, finance, legal affairs, administration, IT, human resources, risk management and compliance, etc. This business approach enables our teams to address the issues you face regarding the different types of documents from different corporate departments (e.g. structured industrial documentation, quality framework, legal documents, multimedia documents or sensitive data) and to create a customized solution that is fully adapted to your needs.

"The dual expertise of our teams in both functional and technical matters guarantees an integration that is optimal."  T. Dechilly, CTO



Our experience in ECM supports all your projects


Our development workshops are optimized for each
technology and are adapted to the specific constraints of ECM projects, such as configuration management, interaction with document life cycles, or specific requirements related to volumes.