Sollan, official reseller for XMetaL in Europe and in France


XMetaL Author Enterprise solution

XMetaL publishes XMetaL Author Enterprise, an XML editor solution that offers all users, regardless of their level of expertise, tools and features that facilitate content editing and structuring. The solution enables non-technical writers to create reusable content and to work together on this content without needing to be proficient in XML.
Sollan integrates XMetaL within your CMS solution by adapting and configuring the software to meet your requirements. In particular, Sollan has developed a set of software components dedicated to XMetaL to facilitate XML content creation, such as an integrated media manager, connectors to different databases and tools for indexing video content.
Sollan distributes XMetaL in France and in Great Britain.
The Sollan technical team possesses in-depth expertise in XMetaL and works directly with the product R&D.

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