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Our artificial intelligence

What interests us most in artificial intelligence is the word ‘intelligence’. It consists of using technologies that relieve users from tasks like recognising, synthesising and mining information. Therefore, AI must not be a goal but rather a means that enables businesses to make their processes more powerful. Sollan supports you with the choice of technologies that meet your challenges and needs.

Your needs

The pre-requisite before thinking about a project that incorporates artificial intelligence is to define the expected performance objectives and measure them against the necessary investment. This is the key to successful integration and managed ROI. Sollan's teams master the various AI technologies and will advise you on the choices and benefits you can expect.
Rapidly index mass content
Facilitate the characterisation of your content
Identify content that requires urgent action
Access a synthesis based on varied content

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Paul Terray
Consulting manager
You could say that it is a complex technology for usages that are both simple and immediate.

AI: a pragmatic application

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