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A good search engine is a tool that enables the presentation of all the information a person needs at the right time. Without a good search engine, employees may spend around 40% of their time retrieving the data necessary for their task. The democratisation of big data technologies has even further increased the quantity of data that can be exploited by the company. The ROI of a search engine is therefore obvious: better productivity, more efficient workers, enriched information to improve performance.

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To optimise data searching, you must first consider the elements that are useful to find in order to do the job and then define the different sources for the search engine to consolidate them and present them to the user in a coherent way according to a specific context or need.
Facilitate your users' access to data
A single window to retrieve all business data
Offer a 360° view of information derived from multiple sources
Make hidden business information visible

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Paul Terray
Consulting manager
The idea is not to retrieve all the information available, only that which the user needs to carry out their activity.

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