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The regulatory climate obliges businesses to respect both the authenticity and compliance of the management of all their data. It is in the DNA of electronic document management (EDM) solutions to meet these challenges while ensuring an effective document lifecycle that serves the sustainability and capitalisation of documents.

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The strength of EDM solutions lies in their transversality, which enables each of the company's business applications to access data siloed by the others with total simplicity and security. Sollan has developed a core of functional and technical expertise during almost 20 years at your service.
Respect all compliance regulations
Improve the quality and reliability of your data, reduce your costs
Sustain your activity by protecting access to your data
Facilitate interactions to ensure productive use

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Patrick Lopez
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Technology has never been a competitive advantage, it is its usage that is at the heart of a successful digital transformation.

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An intelligent assistant that automates the tasks that your users shun in order to effectively share, archive and store your data in your EDM or Office 365 suite.

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