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Two observations: staff is increasingly mobile and the applications they use in their private lives are designed to simplify their lives. Company IT systems are both too sedentary and removed from these practices. Limiting the annoyance of workers in their daily work, in other words offering them pleasant, mobile and easy-to-use tools, is an opportunity that businesses must grasp. Various issues are at stake: loyalty-building, mobilising, steering, developing, etc.

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You want to reduce the gap between company IT and today's tools that can be found, for example, on a smartphone. The goal: to reconcile your staff with your IT system. We provide you with support to bring your users tools that will not disrupt their activity and which approach their day-to-day use wherever they need it.
Place your strategic content where your users need it
Rapidly collect data wherever it is present
Adapt the dissemination of your content to operational constraints
Offer your users user-friendly applications

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Paul Terray
Consulting manager
Business applications must be as easily accessible as the apps we use every day.

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Designed to meet your strategic, operational and IT needs for the benefit of quality production.

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