Client case
Support for the deployment of an Alfresco EDM system.

SUEZ Smart Solutions called on Sollan to provide support for the deployment of an Alfresco EDM system.

The mission

SUEZ Smart Solutions chose Sollan to reinforce its teams for a major collaboration project and entrusted it with the setup and deployment of an Alfresco EDM solution within a very short time frame.


‘We needed leading-edge expertise to set up an Alfresco EDM system on a Cloud Azure infrastructure on which we are building a highly innovative collaboration platform for a client. Sollan was able to provide us with the necessary expertise and resources for the success of the project, while respecting the desired deadlines.’

Frédéric CHARLES, Director of Digital & Innovation Strategy for SUEZ Smart Solutions


About SUEZ Smart Solutions


SUEZ Smart Solutions, a subsidiary of the world leader in sustainable resource management, proposes intelligent solutions and their expertise to support territories with their digital and environmental transformation. With over 250 experts around the world, the subsidiary integrates data collection solutions (communicating meters, sensors, probes) to feed digital models and real-time applications to evolve towards a reasoned used of resources and resilience in times of crisis.

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